won’t / have fixed [Why will the mechanics not have fixed your car by Tuesday?].

Worksheet No.

Future Perfect: Future Perfect Continuous : To describe an action that will be completed at a given time in the future. .


Direct and indirect speech worksheet for class 7.

Future arrangements Present continuous. We often use the present continuous to talk about future events that are already planned and decided, when a date and/or a place have been chosen. Worksheet No.

It always follows the same formula whether your sentence is singular or plural: will have + past participle.

The patient will die. Fundamentals: A tense is a form of verb which tells about the time when an action. Combine the following pairs by changing them into the future perfect tense.

1. We have three worksheets (JPG) as well as in PDF.

won’t [will not] 10.

I will follow you wherever you go.

will + have + 3rd verb form|regular verb that ends with e: just add a d. Answers will vary.

Q: Will he have spoken? 4. Tom will have worked for 16 hours by the time he.

The horse will have left (leave) the barn by now if the gate was open.

) 2.

that will be over before a certain time in the future or one that will be over before another.

Answers. 1 Read the sentences and fill in the blanks by using Future Perfect Tense Formula. In ten years’ time the house (fall.

Fill in the blanks using the verbs in the brackets such that the sentences are in Future Perfect Tense. g. 6. (To talk about time-tabled events, we use the simple present tense. The fire will destroy the whole building. regular verb: add ed.

Future Tenses Exercise Suggested Answers.

We can also use be going to for future. We will pay.

will / have arrived 9.

will leaving.

Anne _____ her bike next week.

Change the form of following sentences into future perfect continuous.

Future Perfect Tense: will, shall + have been + 3rd verb: Active Voice: Passive Voice: We shall have done our home-work.