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Crayfish piercing: This is a double version of a Monroe piercing with labrets worn on both sides of the upper lips.

Two labrets on each side of the lip are commonly referred to as a Snake Bites Piercing when captive bead rings are worn. If you only need to hide your labret piercing for a short time, consider turning the stud around.



Superbly crafted in the shape of a serpent ready to strike, this labret—a type of plug inserted through a piercing below the lower. They consist of a straight bar with a flat disc on one end and a ball or a gem on the other end. Gold labret piercing with gem in round ball.


Side labret: This is done on either side of the lower lip, above the chin. 99+ – Get it via Etsy. 99 – Get it via Etsy.

Superbly crafted in the shape of a serpent ready to strike, this labret—a type of plug inserted through a piercing below the lower. .


Serpent Labret with Articulated Tongue.

Two Labrets next to each other on. Gold Opal Labret Stud – Price: $275.

. Two Labrets next to each other on.

Madonna piercings start around $50 and can vary depending on jewelry selection and shop location.

Similar to dolphin bites, spider bites are side lip piercings that require two holes to the right or left of the bottom lip.

Lowbret Piercing: The lowbret piercing is also centrally located below the lip, but it’s placed as far down as the lip allows.

This wraps around the entire pierced area, similarly to an earring in your earlobe. Though the bottom lip is the most popular for this body mod, spider bite piercings can be placed on the upper lip, too. Surgical Steel Labret Piercing Jewelry - Lip Ring - vertical labret piercing 4.

Check out our labret piercing jewelry selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our jewelry shops. Cartilage Stud, Lip Piercing- 16g Bioflex Labret Jewelry Retainer - 2pcs, 3pcs, 5pcs 10pcs - Flexible Piercing for Monroe Lip ,side labret 4. . Side labret piercing has its own variations such as snake bites (perforations on each side of the lip) or spider bites piercing (two perforations on one side close to each other). I've had a central vertical labret for years, eat apples and sandwiches every day.


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Labret piercing, also known as lip piercing, is popular piercing style, the labret piercing is around mouth, the upper lip, bottom lip, or the side of the lip, multiple piercing positions and multiple names.

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It is also known as a “lip ring.

During the healing period it hurt if the jewelry bumped the side of a glass or a fork; I just drank through straws and was more careful with silverware.

Labret studs: These are the most common and classic type of jewelry for a labret piercing.